Pulp&Paper Innovation that
adds Values to our lives.

Infinite possibilities of pulp –
connecting to our vision of paper’s future
A trusted company with transparent ethical management

Moorim has fulfilled corporate social responsibilities and pursues a path of righteousness management.
Based on transparent and fair competition, and consideration and respect for others, we will grow
and develop together with all interested parties, including customers, partners, and communities.

Ethical Management Policy
“Let’s make a fair and just Moorim”
  • Legal Responsibilities

    We pursue a transparent and fair enterprise in compliance with the law and regulations established by society.
  • Ethical Responsibilities

    We pursue a company with social values by practicing the values and stands demanded by society.
  • Economic Responsibilities

    We pursue sustainable enterprises by providing services necessary for society and generate legitimate revenues.
  • Social Responsibilities

    We pursue growth with society through donations, volunteer activities, and participation in social projects.
In July 2020, the executives and employees of Moorim laid a strong will to establish and realize ethical management through proclamation of ethical management.
Moorim believes that the foundation of sustainable growth for the future is ethics and fairness. By increasing the company’s competitiveness and contributing to social development through transparent management, Moorim will establish trust from customers and respected by society.


Code of Conduct
Ethics Charter
Moorim, which has led the paper manufacturing industry for the past half-century
under the philosophy of ‘contribution to the country’ through localization of paper manufacturing,
to create a new future based on pulp and paper technologies that adds values to life.
All executives and employees of Moorim commit to keeping ‘Righteous Ambition’ as a core value,
comply with laws and principles, conducting their work fairly and honestly, and practicing
mutual respect based on honesty and trust.
Practice of
The code of ethics for each interested party is enacted based on the ethics charter
and shall be practiced and complied with through detailed practice guidelines for
executives and employees.
  • 1 We, as the member of Moorim with ‘Righteous Ambition’, will comply with principles and act righteously.
  • 2 We value our customers’ commitments and provide them with the best products in return.
  • 3 We prioritize the profits of shareholders and transparently disclose management performance.
  • 4 We prohibit unreasonable demands or requests to partners and will cooperate with them on the basis of trust.
  • 5 We comply with fair market order and pursue mutual development with
    our competitors through good faith competition.
  • 6 We respect each other with honesty and trust and will not perform any acts
    that are contrary to the benefits of Moorim community.
  • 7 We will not use information that we came to know through our positions or
    duties as opportunities to pursue personal benefits.
  • 8 We perform our duties fairly and do not make unreasonable instructions or requests to colleagues.
Ethical Action
These guidelines are intended to provide appropriate behavioral guidance for
Moorim employees in situations of ethical conflict.

Moorim’s Ethical Action Guidelines

Principles of Human Right Management
  • Freedom of assembly

  • Non-discrimination

  • Prohibition of sexual harassment and workplace bullying

  • Prohibition of forced labor

  • Prohibition of child labor

  • Compliance of labor conditions

  • Safety and health Management

  • Personal information protection

  • Supply Chain Human Rights Management

  • Protection of Customer and Community Human Rights

Ethical Management Activities
Anonymous whistle-blowing center on corruptive practices
Your valuable report contributes to a cleaner Martial Arts

If you have witnessed, directly or indirectly, corruptive practices by
Moorim employees or are aware of such practices through another channel,
please report the case to the anonymous whistle-blowing center on corruptive practices.

Cases to be reported

Requests for monetary profit by leveraging one’s contractual or transactional status.

Illegitimate requests, such as the right to intervene in business management by leveraging one’s contractual or transactional status.

Violation of the fair trade act or supplier transaction act.

Other unfair or unethical practices

How to lodge a report

Click [Anonymous anti-corruption report center] banner in Moorim Website → Search company name → Complete report form

Search ‘Communication Hotline’ in Naver search window → Click [Complete report form] in ‘Communication Hotline’ website → Search company name → Complete report form

Other things to keep in mind

The name of those who file the reports are kept strictly anonymous as they are received through a third party (Judicial Corporation JIPPYONG)

An investigation will be launched into the matter and appropriate measures will be taken.