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Moorim wins the ‘Korea Star Awards’! “Paper cup lid leading the way to the plastic-free world”

   ‘moohae Molded Pulp Cup Lid,’ a product by Moorim P&P (CEO Lee Do-kyun), an integrated pulp, paper, and new materials company, has been awarded the ‘Korea Institute of Industrial Technology President’s Award’ at the ’2024 Korea Star Awards’ hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy. With this, Moorim once again proved its industry-leading eco-friendly technology. Cup lids, designed to prevent drinks from flowing out of the cup when being taken out and allow people to drink without a straw, are usually made of plastic materials such as polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (PS). According to data from the Ministry of Environment, the annual use of disposable cups exceeded 1.024 billion in 2022, and there has been growing concern about the waste of related plastic takeout items. In response, Moorim has developed various products that replace plastic to contribute to the plastic-free transition. One such product is cup lids made from molded pulp and naturally biodegradable materials. Not only is the cup lid directly exposed to heat when holding hot beverages, but many people also drink directly into their mouths. Considering this, ‘moohae molded pulp cup lids’ are made from 100% natural virgin pulp and are manufactured in a dedicated facility with sealed conveyor pipes, so they boast excellent hygiene without the risk of foreign substances. It is the only molded pulp manufacturer in Korea that has obtained the Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000), proving its world-class food safety. Moorim’s unparalleled technology was also applied to realize superior strength and water resistance comparable to existing plastic cup lids. Unlike dried pulp which requires dissolving and reconstructing, Moorim succeeded in minimizing the fiber destruction during the production process by using raw pulp in a slurry state produced by Moorim P&P, the only pulp producer in Korea. The ‘moohae molded pulp cup lid’ is also a step up in eco-friendliness. Moorim’s natural pulp emits only 360kgCO2e/ton of carbon, 24% less than the carbon emissions of conventional propylene (1,500kgCO2e/ton). When disposed of in daily life, it biodegrades in 26 weeks without any specific conditions, and has received the highest biodegradability certification of ‘OK compost HOME’ from TUV AUSTRIA, a European testing and certification organization, as well as the recyclability certification from PTS paper. Meanwhile, Moorim, which is leading the way in ESG management through eco-friendly pulp and paper products, won two awards at the Korea Star Awards for its ‘molded pulp cup lids,’ which replace plastic cup lids, and ‘paper inner frames,’ which replace plastic trays. Shinwoo Co., Ltd.’s paper packaging, which won the ‘Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Award’ at the Korea Star Awards, also uses Moorim’s paper product. ‘NeoForet Inner Frame,’ an eco-friendly paper inner frame certified for recyclability, is gaining attention in the cosmetics industry by replacing the plastic trays used to hold products inside existing cosmetic packages with paper. A Moorim representative said, “Hygiene and touch are very important for cup lids as they directly touch the mouths of customers. Moorim’s molded pulp, made from domestic natural virgin pulp, is internationally certified for food safety, so anyone can use them with confidence,” and added that he expects the demand for ‘molded pulp cup lids’ to expand with the eco-friendly trend in the takeout market, including eco-friendly paper cups, paper straws, and paper wipes.​ 

Date 2024.04.24
Moorim launches Korea’s first upcycled paper made from used clothes

 Moorim, an integrated pulp, paper, and new materials company, has developed ‘NeoCotton TMB,’ a ‘resource-circulating’ packaging paper made from discarded clothes and applied it for the first time to the packaging boxes of well-known Korean high-end cosmetics. Although discarded magazines and newspapers have been reused as paper raw materials, this is the first paper made from waste clothing in Korea. The new NeoCotton TMB is made by separating cotton fibers from used clothes, crushing them into small pieces, and mixing them with natural pulp – this is an innovative manufacturing method that has never been tried before in the industry, and was made possible by Moorim’s unrivaled eco-friendly paper technology and know-how.  By combining paper with clothing waste, which causes environmental problems due to the generation of harmful substances when landfilled or incinerated, the company has given new value to it, practicing resource circulation and presenting another example of eco-friendly paper called ‘upcycled paper.’ In addition to the environment-conscious resource recycling production method, the NeoCotton TMB product itself is also both eco-friendly and durable. By using cotton fiber extracted from cotton, a plant-based material, as a raw material for paper, it is not only environmentally friendly, but also stronger and less easily torn than ordinary paper, making it an excellent packaging material that protects the contents. The eco-friendly and durable NeoCotton TMB will be used for the first time in the packaging of the duty-free version of ‘Ultimate Fit Jean Cushion’ under LG Household and Health Care’s luxury brand ‘Ohui,’ proving the eco-friendliness and product power of Moorim’s product through the collaboration with the leading company in the Korean cosmetics industry.“Ultimate Fit Jean Cushion’ is a unique design that applies real denim fabric to the product container and has been steadily gaining popularity at home and abroad since its launch last year,” said LG Household and Health Care. “The combination of denim and upcycled paper packaging made from used clothes adds eco-friendly value to the fashionable design.” “NeoCottonTMB is an eco-friendly paper that is optimized for product protection and luxurious packaging while protecting the value of resource recycling with excellent strength and color reproduction,” said Ryu Sin-Gyu, Head of Sales at Moorim. “We will continue to lead the paper market by introducing new eco-friendly products that meet customer needs and can be applied in various industries based on our accumulated technology.”​ 

Date 2024.03.12
Moorim Paper achieves industry’s first ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ Gold status

​   Amid the global eco-friendly trend, ‘circular economy’ is becoming a hot topic in all industries; Moorim (CEO: Lee Do-Kyun), an integrated pulp, paper, and new materials company, announced on March 7th that it has become the first company in the Korean paper industry to achieve Gold status in the international validation of ‘Zero Waste to Landfill,’ recognizing its highly sophisticated resource circulation system. UL Solutions, a global leader in the applied safety science, awards Silver (90-94% recycling rate), Gold (95-99%), and Platinum (100%) status through a rigorous audit to evaluate a company’s resource recycling efforts by examining the level of recycling of waste generated during product production. Moorim Paper’s Jinju Plant, a core workplace of Moorim that produces high-quality, high-value-added paper and where an audit has taken place, has received the Gold status for recycling the majority of its waste and is the only paper manufacturer in Korea to receive the said status. Paper mills and other manufacturing-based factories typically dispose of waste through landfills or incineration, which generate greenhouse gases and have raised environmental concerns. Moorim Paper’s Jinju Plant recognized these issues early on and has been continuously seeking eco-friendly waste disposal methods to practice resource recycling. Through these efforts, since 2014, the plant has been working with recycling companies to recycle waste into raw materials such as land amendments, sawdust, and concrete materials instead of landfills, and water used in the paper production process is filtered and reused instead of being discarded. In addition, a separate organization dedicated to waste has been established to oversee waste management. Every month the organization checks and manages the amount of waste generated in real time and thoroughly monitors the entire process from waste generation to transportation to recyclers and treatment. Moorim plans to use the Gold status achieved by Moorim Paper Jinju Plant as a foothold to expand its Zero Waste to Landfill validation to ‘Moorim SP Daegu Plant’ and ‘Moorim P&P Ulsan Plant.’ Both plants are already known in the industry for their outstanding eco-competitiveness, including high waste recycling rates, running factories using environmentally friendly fuels, and producing recycled paper products. In fact, Moorim P&P is the only company in Korea that produces pulp, the raw material for paper, and converts ‘black liquor,’ a biomass fuel generated during the pulp production process, into renewable energy such as electricity and steam to produce products. Moorim SP, a company specializing in eco-friendly specialty papers, is also leading the way in spreading eco-friendly paper by being the first in the paper industry to replace bunker C oil with liquefied natural gas (LNG), significantly reducing air pollutant emissions, and recently launching ‘resource recycled paper’ made from discarded clothes. The industry expects that if all of these mills receive Gold status or higher, they will earn the unprecedented title of “Triple Zero Waste to Land Validation” and, at the same time, become a model for an advanced environmental management system.  “Our continuous efforts to reduce waste have enabled us to achieve this Gold status,” said Joo Pansik, the head of Moorim Paper Jinju Plant. “We will continue to strengthen various resource recycling activities to reach a 100% waste recycling rate, and take the lead in practicing ESG management values as an industry leader.” 

Date 2024.03.08
Moorim successfully completes ‘biodiversity conservation campaign’ on World Wildlife Day

    Moorim (CEO Lee Do-kyun), the only low-carbon paper manufacturer in Korea, launched a biodiversity conservation campaign to overcome the climate crisis and spread awareness of ecosystem conservation through the protection of endangered species in commemoration of World Wildlife Day (March 3) established by the United Nations. The “Protect the Beautiful Marine Life of Our Oceans!” campaign, which was organized from March 2 to 3 in collaboration with the Lotte World Aquarium, was held at the Paperium, an aquarium enjoyed with paper, the first forest and marine aquarium in the world, by Moorim with the aim of spreading its ESG values. Moorim decorated the campaign site with the industry’s only low-carbon paper cups and a new paper filter paper developed with Wise & Yirop and introduced various educational materials, including videos, leaflets, and pop-up kits, to educate people about the importance of biodiversity conservation. In particular, Moorim organized a special event to raise awareness of endangered protected marine species in Korea, which received a great response from visitors. More than 10,000 people attended the event, where they learned about marine protected species living in Korea, such as finless porpoises, spotted seals, and sand bubbler crabs, and pledged to take action in their daily lives, such as purchasing eco-friendly paper products, to protect these endangered species. Moorim plans to donate to environmental organizations according to the number of visitors who participated in the event. Meanwhile, all exhibition materials used in the campaign were made of Moorim’s low-carbon paper, the only paper in Korea with low carbon emissions, and recycled paper made from used clothing. “We will continue to organize various activities to make consumers aware of the eco-friendliness of paper and encourage them to use these eco-friendly products instead of plastic, thereby making them more interested in environmental protection activities, such as biodiversity conservation,” said a Moorim representative. 

Date 2024.03.04
Notice of Server Maintenance

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Date 2024.02.16
Moorim P&P strengthens molded pulp competitiveness by signing MOU with ‘Nanu,’ a startup with eco-friendl…

 ​Moorim P&P, a comprehensive pulp, paper, and new materials company, announced on the 25th that it has signed a strategic memorandum of understanding (MOU) with ‘Nanu,’ a startup with eco-friendly coating technology, in a drive to expand the post-plastic market. Moorim P&P’s molded pulp ‘moohae’ is made from Korea’s only natural virgin pulp. It is hygienic and has excellent water and heat resistance and is used in various fields such as hotel amenity packages and fried chicken boxes. It is more durable, biodegradable, and recyclable than ordinary paper products, and it is playing a role in various fields such as food containers, packaging materials, and cushioning materials. Through this MOU, Moorim P&P and Nanu will be the first in Korea to apply eco-friendly water-based biodegradable coatings to molded pulps, further strengthening the durability of existing molded pulp, and fully realizing its function as a plastic substitute. In the case of molded pulp, unlike simple flat paper coatings, there are limitations in applying coatings to the surface due to its three-dimensional and diverse designs, and there were concerns that applying general plastic-based coatings would harm the eco-friendliness of the product. However, through the rendezvous of Nanu, which has its own patent for eco-friendly coating application technology for molded pulp, and Moorim P&P, which has the latest mass production facilities, an innovative molded pulp that overcomes these technical limitations is expected to come into the world. In addition, the durability of the molded pulp products is expected to be further upgraded. By incorporating the eco-friendly coating technology, water resistance, heat resistance, and strength will be enhanced, making it possible to expand its application to containers for hot food, such as cup noodles, as well as ready-to-cook food containers for microwave ovens, making it an ‘all-around’ eco-friendly product. The industry expects the collaboration to establish Moorim P&P’s molded pulp as a true plastic substitute and a catalyst for the expansion of the Korean molded pulp market. Moorim P&P’s molded pulp, which is loved by many companies for its eco-friendliness and customizable design, is expected to provide infinite use value in all industries, as well as the durability of the plastic through the use of the eco-friendly coating technology. “This MOU by two leading companies in the field of molded pulp and coating technology will become an opportunity to raise the level of Korean molded pulp to the next level,” said Lim Yongsu, the head of the Molded Pulp Division. “We will focus on expanding the molded pulp market this year by developing various products that can be used in various fields, starting from the molded pulp with eco-friendly coating technology.” “We are pleased to partner with Moorim P&P, which has the largest molded pulp production scale in Korea,” said Lee Yunno, the CEO of Nanu, “and we will do our best to become a successful example of shared growth towards ESG values through cooperation in technology and know-how.” Meanwhile, Nanu is a startup founded in 2021 that develops upcycled eco-friendly containers and packaging materials by utilizing discarded resources and is the only company in Korea to hold a technology patent for ‘molded pulp coating device and coating method utilizing the same’ and received the Prime Minister’s Award, the grand prize of the ‘2022 Youth Public Technology Startup Contest.’ 

Date 2024.01.25
Moorim Tops ‘Korea First Brand Awards’ for Third Consecutive Year

 Moorim (CEO: Lee Do-Kyun), a comprehensive pulp, paper, and new materials company, has been named the No. 1 satisfaction company in the paper category for the ‘2024 Korea First Brand Awards’ by consumers for three years in a row. This marks the first time Moorim has won the top spot in the paper category for the third consecutive year since the inauguration of the category in 2022. It is said that Moorim’s carbon neutrality and resource cycling programs, which it has been pursuing amid the global ‘post-plastic’ trend, and the customer communication to spread new values in the paper industry have succeeded in capturing the hearts of consumers. The Korea First Brand Awards, now in its 22nd year, is Asia’s largest brand awards program, with an average of 330,000 consumers on average over the past three years directly evaluating and selecting the brands in each category that will lead the year ahead. In particular, ‘Moorim’ has been ranked first in satisfaction for three consecutive years and crowned as a unique ‘people’s pick’ paper company, despite the fact that social interest in the domestic paper industry is rising as the eco-friendly value of the paper is being rediscovered, and consumer expectations are rising every year. Moorim, which has maintained the top position in the domestic printing paper market since 1959, when it succeeded in mass-producing wood-free paper for the first time in Korea, has continuously introduced sustainable products in line with the changed environment and customer needs. In particular, it has received significant attention for its next-generation new material products using the only pulp production technology in Korea to take the lead in practicing ESG values. The representative cases include ‘molded pulp’ introduced in Kyochon Chicken’s eco-friendly chicken boxes, the winner of the ‘2023 Korea Green Product of the Year,’ and the ‘paper wipes,’ the best sustainable brand selected at the ‘2023 Seoul Café Show Excellence Award.’ In addition, Moorim’s active contribution to the reduction of plastics by developing eco-friendly collaboration products with other industries, such as Shilla Hotel, Lotte Confectionary, and CJ Logistics, with biodegradable and recyclable certifications has also contributed to the high level of consumer satisfaction. Moreover, Moorim, as the only low-carbon paper company in Korea, is also accelerating its efforts to build carbon-neutral systems. It recently invested KRW 280 billion to build an additional eco-friendly recovery boiler utilizing the biomass ‘black liquor.’ Meanwhile, Moorim is closing the distance with consumers through an authentic communication strategy that communicates the ‘value of paper for a better everyday life.’ The largest official paper airplane competition in Korea, which has been held annually since 2017, and the B2C event ‘Paper Adventure’ in collaboration with Shinsegae Starfield are already established as representative events in the paper industry. Currently, the company has opened the industry’s first forest and marine ecology center, ‘PAPERIUM,’ in Lotte World Aquarium, which conveys the eco-friendliness of paper and pulp, to educate future dreamers about the importance of using eco-friendly products to protect nature.​ 

Date 2024.01.10
Moorim and Lotte World open marine ecology center ‘Paperium’ at the aquarium

 Moorim P&P (CEO: Lee Do-kyun), Korea’s only low-carbon paper company, has partnered with Lotte World to create ‘PAPERIUM, an aquarium enjoyed with paper’ at the aquarium. As paper has recently gained attention as an environmentally friendly material, ‘PAPERIUM’ was designed to share the eco-friendly value of paper and pulp and convey the importance of nature, including forests and oceans, to future generations. In particular, this ‘PAPERIUM’ is the industry’s first ‘Forest-Marine Ecology Center,’ an exhibition designed to share the impact of rising sea surface temperatures due to global warming on marine ecosystems and marine life and to encourage everyday ESG practices, such as using eco-friendly products to reduce carbon and recycle resources. At PAPERIUM, Moorim showcased several objects and characters made with low-carbon paper products and biodegradable natural pulp. The exhibition contents help visitors understand the environmentally friendly values embedded in the paper manufacturing process, from raw materials to production technology, in an easy and fun way. The 2.4m-high ‘Eco-Friendly Paper Cup Tree’ in the center of PAPERIUM is a unique attraction created in collaboration with paper cup artist Kim Sumin. With a message to raise awareness about the protection of endangered animals, the work is made of ‘Neoforet CUP,’ the first eco-friendly paper cup paper with biodegradability certification in Korea, and natural molded pulp containers. The object made of a new paper filter that absorbs fine dust not only provides an air purification effect but also will be changed by season to add new fun. In addition, Moorim has also organized an eco-event, ‘Dear Penguin Friends,’ to encourage visitors to go one step further and participate in practical eco-friendly practices in their daily lives. Visitors can write messages of support for marine life protection on Moorim’s low-carbon postcards and drop them in the mailbox, and a donation to biodiversity-related environmental organizations will be made according to the number of postcards collected. ‘Moomoo and Friends Low Carbon Notebook Set,’ which includes postcards and stickers made with Korea’s only low-carbon paper, is also available at a special discount at the aquarium’s gift shop. Meanwhile, Moorim signed a ‘Business Agreement on the Expansion of Low-Carbon Certified Paper Products and Cooperation on Carbon Reduction’ with Lotte World Aquarium on April 14. The two companies are working together to strengthen carbon neutrality and ESG management by newly establishing PAPERIUM and introducing Moorim’s eco-friendly paper products to books and mission papers used in all educational and experiential learning programs at Lotte World Aquarium.​ 

Date 2023.12.21