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Moorim publishes Korea’s only ‘ethical’ report on sustainability using ‘low carbon’ paper

  As ESG values take on increasing importance in business management, Moorim (CEO: Dogyun Lee), a leading Korean company for pulp, paper and new materials, has published its first ‘Sustainable Business Management Report’ on the occasion of the 66th anniversary of the company.   Moorim has recently marked its 66 years in the business, offering a wide range of environment-friendly products including biodegradable paper, natural pulp molds and nano-cellulose materials. To mark the historic date, the company, one of the oldest in the industry in Korea, has once again re-affirmed its commitment to moving beyond simply selling products to contribute to the creation of sustainable values by bringing together the many achievements it has made over the years.  This latest report that captures the commitment of Moorim to ESG values-driven business management, is particularly ‘ethical’ not only due to its content, but also for using Moorim’s environment-friendly paper and printing methods. In particular, Moorim’s paper which has been certified to be low carbon and environment-friendly has been used, and soybean oil, plant-based oil that is known to have a less environmental impact, was used for printing. Moorim is the only company in the Korean paper manufacturing industry to have been certified for its low carbon products by the Ministry of Environment. The certification is given to products with outstanding contributions in their product category for greenhouse gas reductions.    As corporate social responsibility in environmental preservation is being more emphasized than ever, Moorim’s report also focuses on its many related initiatives and achievements, such as the development of ‘ethical paper’, environment-friendly business management and climate change response system. In fact, Moorim is the only company in Korea that re-uses the so-called ‘black liquor’ generated during the pulp production process to operate its plants, instead of fossil fuels, saving a whopping 870,000 tons of carbon per year that would have otherwise been emitted if fossil fuels were used. This is equivalent to the amount of carbon that would require approximately 130 million pine trees to be absorbed.  CEO of Moorim, Dogyun Lee commented, “The publication of the Sustainable Business Management Report marks a new start for Moorim in better communicating with its stakeholders. As a leader of the industry, Moorim will remain committed to creating sustainable values while promoting the almost infinite possibility of applying paper and pulp to various environmental-friendly initiatives."  The 2021 Sustainable Business Management Report is expected to be distributed to internal and external stakeholders of the company, including employees, customers and investors. It is also viewable on the official website of Moorim​ 

Date 2022.07.26
Moorim joins forces with 'BIFAN' to hold an 'environment-friendly film festival '

[BIFAN uses Moorim’s environment-friendly products at the Festival] Moorim, a leading company in Korea for pulp, paper and new materials, is drawing attention by holding an environment-friendly film festival by joining hands with the 26th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, or BIFAN (led by Director Cheol Shin). BIFAN is one of Asia’s largest film festivals focusing on a specific genre. This year, it aims to minimize its environmental impact in the process of producing and using a range of materials needed for running the festival, in a bid to live up to social responsibility and help create a better, more sustainable future. As part of such efforts, BIFAN announced that they have fully adopted the products of Moorim, a company known for its environment-friendly products such as natural pulp mold containers and eco-plastic forks.   Moorim is the only company in the Korean paper manufacturing industry to have been certified for its low carbon products by the Ministry of Environment. The certification is given to products with outstanding contributions in their product category for greenhouse gas reductions. The BIFAN Executive Committee also used Moorim’s 'Neo Star Uncoated' and 'ARTIZEN' for its program booklet and festival guide which are essential print materials used at the festival, to set a good example as an international film event.     The disposable containers and utensils used at parties or receptions have all been replaced with Moorim’s environment-friendly and biodegradable Neoforet paper cups, natural pulp mold containers and eco-plastic forks. The pulp mold containers, in particular, are made of 100% fresh pulp from Korea, are biodegradable and have passed the tests of BfR in Europe and the U.S. FDA. They are thus recognized as leading environment-friendly products that are safe enough to come into contact with food. As for eco-plastic forks, they have significantly reduced the content of petroleum-based plastics during their production.  CEO of Moorim, Dogyun Lee noted, “This event holds particular significance in that it brings together a leading international film festival held in Korea and a leading environment-friendly company in Korea. Moorim aims to look beyond simply selling its products to take into consideration its environmental impact and promote the value of paper’s application in a wide range of areas, while supporting a sustainable eco-system for art and culture.” 

Date 2022.07.15
Moorim P&P signs an MOU with KCC for the development of environment-friendly paint

▲ President of Moorim P&P’s Research Institute Yeonggi Im (right) and Director of KCC’s Central Research Institute Beomseong Kim (left) hold up the MOU signed between the two companies at KCC’s Central Research Institute.  [Photo by KCC]  Moorim Paper, a company specializing in environment-friendly paper manufacturing (CEO Dogyun Lee) will embark on the development of environment-friendly pain with KCC, a global company for applied materials (CEO Mongjin Jung). An MOU for strategic cooperation between the two companies was signed on June 17, with a particular focus on the development of environment-friendly paint using nano-cellulose, a new material extracted from natural pulp. At the ceremony were key management of the two companies, including President of Moorim P&P’s Research Institute Yeonggi Im and Director of KCC’s Central Research Institute Beomseong Kim. Moorim P&P, Korea’s only company to produce pulp, has a proprietary technology of manufacturing nano-cellulose using natural, fresh pulp as opposed to dry pulp. This gives the company a competitive edge both in quality and cost. Nano-cellulose refers to nanometer-sized cellulose fiber extracted from natural pulp after wood is processed into chips and made into pulp. While nano-cellulose only weigh about one fifth of steel, its strength is more than five times greater. Its biodegradability also makes it one of the most promising next-generation materials.  The nano-cellulose that will be used for developing environment-friendly paint will be extracted from the natural pulp produced first-hand by Moorim P&P, and will be optimized for water-based paint thanks to the outstanding viscosity and aquaphilic properties. In addition, the more densely connected fibers minimize the risk of paint layers from cracking and make them more resistant to scratches or friction, increasing the overall durability of the paint. Such properties of the material can be used to produce a wide range of paint that can be commercialized for application in industries ranging from automobiles, general engineering to construction. Moorim P&P’s nano-cellulose can also be used as an ingredient in skincare or makeup products, food packaging or interior materials in automobiles.  President of Moorim P&P’s Research Institute Yeonggi Im commented, “The new materials that come from the natural pulp produced by Moorim, the only Korean company to produce pulp, set a new standard for environment-friendly products. These materials will help differentiate the products developed using them and add more value to our daily lives. We will continue to redouble our efforts in developing a wide range of environment-friendly materials.”   

Date 2022.06.17
Moorim Paper opens a ‘pop-up experience zone’ in Starfield, the first of its kind in the industry

 ▲ Visitors to Paper Adventure, the pop-up experience zone by Moorim X Starfield are taking in the various applications of paper showcased.  The pop-up event is part of a strategy to present Moorim as not only a company that encompasses the various businesses related to environment-friendly paper, pulp and new materials, but also as a company focused on ‘eco-life’ featuring the unprecedented value that can be brought to consumers by paper.  Moorim Paper, a company specializing in environment-friendly paper manufacturing (CEO Dogyun Lee) will showcase a pop-up experience zone called Paper Adventure on the first floor of Central Atrium of Starfield Goyang Branch, a shopping mall run by Shinsegae. The experience zone will take up the space until June 5 to offer visitors a unique and fun experience related to paper.  Moorim, a leader in the field of paper with not only environment-friendly paper but natural pulp molds and biodegradable nano-cellulose products, aims to present to the wider public its positioning as an environment-friendly company that promotes ‘eco-life values’ by showcasing the value that paper products bring in our daily lives.  The pop-up experience zone is drawing particular attention as it is one of the larger branded events targeting regular consumers in major shopping mall, and the first of its kind done by a Korean paper manufacturer. While the paper industry overall is having some tough challenges due to the pandemic, Moorim has decided to host the event where the environment-friendliness and various usage of paper can be highlighted to draw more attention to paper and boost energy into related businesses.     ▲ One of Korea’s largest paper rolls, with a diameter of 8.7 m, located in the plant of Moorim P&P    Moorim has prepared a wide range of events to ensure that visitors, regardless of age or gender, can have a good time and learn more about the new value that paper brings. An experience booth where visitors can create their own paper plant pots and tableware using biodegradable paper cups and natural pulp molds, as well as a chance to take a glimpse at aero plane science through paper layouts used in paper plane competitions, are some of the highlights.  A paper roll with a diameter of 8.7m that makes it one of the largest in Korea, is also showcased, as well as a ‘paper forest’ where visitors are invited to take selfies. ▲ DIY potted plants made of paper cups using Neoforet’s biodegradable paper  ▲ Safe and sturdy pulp molds made of 100% natural pulp    CEO of Moorim, Mr. Dogyun Lee commented, “Our goal is to present to consumers Moorim as a leading company that promotes environment-friendliness, as well as showcase infinite possibilities that paper can bring. We hope the unique and fun events will offer a chance to learn just that and encourage more consumers to take interest in the brighter future that can be realized through the use of paper.”    

Date 2022.05.25
Moorim’s pulp mold receives industry’s first ever certification for food safety management systems

▲ The pulp mold products manufactured by Moorim P&P has received the FSSC 22000 certification, a first of its kind in the industry in Korea, and has been recognized for its safety.    As the global trend continues in replacing plastic packaging materials with environment-friendly alternatives such as paper or pulp molds, the pulp molds made by Moorim P&P, a company specializing in the production of pulp, paper manufacturing and new materials, have been gaining attention with its certification for FSSC 22000 for food safety management system of global standards.  Pulp molds have become more widely available as packaging materials used for the delivery of baked goods or bento boxes. As they come into direct contact with food, its safety has always been considered of utmost importance.  Moorim P&P’s pulp molds made of 100% Korean natural pulp have been certified for FSSC 22000, proving that they pose no risk of endocrine-disrupting hormones while offering hygiene and safety. Moorim P&P is the only company in Korea that produces pulp molds to have received this certification.  FSSC 22000 is a certification given based on international standards of ‘management liability’, ‘resource management’, ‘product safety’ and over 30 other items related to safety. The certification is recognized in over 150 countries worldwide, with well-known companies such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Nestle abiding by the certification rules.   Moorim P&P, the only Korean company to produce pulp in the country, announced its foray into the pulp mold market last year. Since then, it has been drawing attention with its outstanding progress. The company uses slurry-type pulp, as opposed to dried pulp directly in its production facilities to improve hygiene, durability and strength, as well as secure competitiveness.  Drawing on its years of experience in handling pulp, Moorim also acquired the certification for ‘OK Compost HOME’ for biodegradability from TUV Austria, a prestigious and well-known certifying body in Europe, even before it won the certification for FSSC 22000. Moorim’s pulp molds, once used, naturally disintegrate after a certain time and can be used as fertilizer. The products have also passed the tests of U.S. FDA and the European BfR, showing that its safety when used for food meets international standards.  Moorim P&P plans to launch in earnest pulp mold products with perfect biodegradability and food safety during the second half of this year, by applying its proprietary technology and natural ingredients.   Pulp molds are produced in various shapes by applying heat and pressure to pulp, an ingredient for paper. Not only are they convenient, but also environment-friendly and therefore can be used as packaging or filler materials by a wide range of businesses including those that handle skincare, drugs or home electronics.   

Date 2022.05.11
Moorim Paper hosts an event of handing out bio-degradable potted plants on the occasion of Arbor Day

 ​▲ Moorim Paper, a company known for environment-friendly paper manufacturing will host an event that hands out DIY potted plants to mark Arbor Day.  The completely biodegradable potted plant kit uses natural moss contained in a pulp mold to encourage people to have a more tactile experience in thinking about nature.   Moorim Paper, a company specializing in environment-friendly paper manufacturing (CEO Dogyun Lee) will hold an event that hands out ‘Neoforet DIY Biodegradable Potted Plant Kit’ for free. ​The event of handing out potted plants on Arbor Day in April has been an annual event for several years now, with each year featuring a special theme such as ‘plants that purify fine dust particles in the air’ or ‘environment-friendly paper pots for plants’. The event has given citizens much joy in caring for plants as well as raising awareness of the preciousness of nature, and has become one of the leading tree or plant-related events by Moorim.  This year’s event features the Neoforet DIY Biodegradable Potted Plant Kit’ with a ‘topiary pot’ that gives you a chance to touch natural moss with your hands to make the experience more tactile.   Of particular note is the fact that all components of the kit, from the packaging to the pulp mold container are made of biodegradable, environment-friendly paper. The pulp mold and paper, made by Moorim, have also received official certification from FSC.  A whimsical touch has also been added to cheer up spirits that have been downtrodden due to the pandemic. Various ornaments have been included in the kit to allow each owner to create a potted plant of one’s own. The free give-away of Neoforet DIY biodegradable potted plant kits will continue throughout April 22. Those who wish to receive a kit can submit their application online through the brand page of Neoforet, Moorim’s brand for environment-friendly paper: A total of 300 participants will be chosen through a raffle and receive one kit each via post. 

Date 2022.04.08
Moorim X Atomy start using environment-friendly paper ‘Neo CCP R30’ to their products

  Neo CCP R30, an environment-friendly packaging paper by Moorim, will now be used for the packaging of Atomy products. Starting with Atomy Propolis toothpaste, the paper will eventually be applied to all goods by Atomy, including skincare products.     Neo CCP R30 is a product that has been upgraded from Neo CCP by making it more environment-friendly with recycled ingredients. Recycled pulp is mixed into the production process to increase recycling while reducing waste. Neo CCP R30 ticks off the boxes for both quality and environment-friendliness. It was co-developed by Moorim and Kolmar Korea, a global company specializing in the R&D of skincare products. At the time of development, it drew particular attention for the two leading companies in paper manufacturing and beauty businesses to come together and sett a new standard for environment-friendly packaging materials. In addition to packaging materials, Moorim has developed environment-friendly alternatives for paper cups, paper straws and paper buffer materials to wide acclaim from the food, beverage and shipping industries. The company plans to continue taking the lead in the market for environment-friendly paper products through a wide range of products that can be used in daily life.  

Date 2022.04.06
Neoforêt Aircushion, “2022 WorldStar Global Packaging Awards” winner

“Neoforêt Aircushion,” a sustainable packing material developed by the pulp, paper, and new materials company Moorim, was selected as a winner of the “2022 WorldStar Global Packaging Awards,” the most respected packaging technology awards in the world. Among the approximately 440 products submitted from around the world, Moorim was the only Korean paper manufacturer to receive an award.The WorldStar Global Packaging Awards are an annual competition in which the World Packaging Organization (WPO), which consists of packaging associations and businesses from around the world, selects the most innovative packaging products to receive awards. This award is currently recognized as the most prestigious in the global packaging market.Moorim Paper’s “Neoforêt Aircushion” is an environmentally-friendly paper packing material that can be used as an alternative to bubble wrap to protect products for packing or delivery. It is Korea’s first air-filled paper cushion, and, at only 7 cm in diameter and 1.6 g in weight, it is about the size of your palm while still being strong enough to withstand a 10 kg bag of rice.Based on this durability, the “Neoforêt Aircushion” is a highly effective packing material, and because no adhesives are used during the sealing process, which prevents air leakage, the product earned an official recognition from the Korean Ministry of Environment for its recyclability and eco-friendliness. Therefore, as a revolutionary product that offers a new alternative to the packaging market, which is placing more and more emphasis on sustainability, it was selected to receive the award.After receiving the “Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH) President’s Award” at the “15th Korea Star Awards” in May 2021, Moorim Paper’s Neoforêt Aircushion was chosen as a “2021 Korean Green Product of the Year.” It also received the “2022 WorldStar Global Packaging Award,” proving the product’s remarkable technology and eco-friendly design on the global stage.Moorim Paper’s Neoforêt Aircushion is currently being used in a several of the shipments out of CJ Logistics’ Baekam Distribution Center, and with business inquiries from not only the packaging industry, but also other industries, the product is expected to serve a variety of uses in various sectors. ​

Date 2022.01.26