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Infinite possibilities of pulp –
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Dong-wook Lee Chairperson
이동욱 회장 이동욱 회장
Hands-off Strategy

Hands-off strategy (無爲經營), a management philosophy of Mr. Lee, is based on the non-active nature (無爲自然) philosophy recorded in Dao De Jing (道德经, The Classic of the Virtue of the Tao) written by Laozi (Lao Tzu). It does not mean that nothing is done, but rather that everything is done more harmoniously without going against the pure.

To achieve this, Mr. Lee has a strong commitment and belief in the responsibility to pursue the interests of the company and the happiness of the staff. He encourages Moorim staff to pursue self-development and perform at their best with the support of the company which has led Moorim to ‘develop day by day.'

Righteous Ambition

‘Righteous Ambition’, the motto of the Company, is another expression for hands-off strategy. ‘Righteous Ambition’ which was highlighted by Mr. Lee in 1996 refers to the future-oriented attitude for self-change, innovation and ability development, and the dignified desire that respects the freedom and personalities of others.

Mr. Lee has emphasized a corporate culture represented by ‘Righteous Ambition’ to transform Moorim into a fast decision making, autonomous, and energetic organization established as a leader in the Korean paper industry.

Do-kyun Lee CEO
김석만 사장 김석만 사장
Exciting Changes and Innovation

Mr. Lee is the leader of the next generation who has been in charge of the general management of the company in Paper Business Headquarters, Management Headquarters, Integrated Mill Construction Headquarters, Strategic Planning Office, and Affiliates Management. With his global experiences and new perspectives, he has brought novel changes to paper industry.

He constructed ‘Moorim Gallery’, an integrated paper experience space that communicates the value and fun of paper to pursue transformation of the company into a young-minded paper company through active communication with customers. He and willingly interacts with the general public through different events such as ‘Paper Plane Competitions’. In addition, creating a horizontal and flexible organizational culture is a top priority in the leap forward as a creative and innovative company.

Moorim’s mission is to add value to life with the best pulp and paper technology and bring about exciting changes and innovations.

Paper, and the values beyond paper

Today, the paper industry faces new turning points. To make this an opportunity and a possibility, Moorim is focusing on paper and the values beyond it. As the only pulp company in Korea, Mr. Lee has focused on developing various new technologies and informing the public the eco- friendliness of ‘paper’ and ‘pulp’ materials which add greater value to our lives.

As a result, Moorim’s eco-friendliness is represented by the first ‘low carbon products’ and ‘biodegradable’ certifications in the paper industry. Moorim is also looking into expanding into the development of new eco-friendly materials that can replace other materials in various fields. The future of pulp and paper is now drawn with a new vision.