Pulp&Paper Innovation that
adds Values to our lives.

Infinite possibilities of pulp –
connecting to our vision of paper’s future
Moorim, a company that creates value

Moorim has led the paper history of Korea for over half a century since its incorporation in 1956

After succeeding in mass production of wood-free paper in 1959, we began the era of ‘Made in Korea’ high quality printing paper. This led to every milestone in the history of paper in Korea: the first manufacture of pulp in 1974, the first manufacture of premium double-coated glossy paper in 1999, and the first and only integrated pulp-paper mill in 2011.

Beyond the concept of simply making the paper, We will present countless uses of 'paper' with a sense of duty in creating new values

Moorim, a company that thinks environment

We make sure to avoid the use of illegally logged woods, which are from non-designated forest areas and genetically modified logs, in our products. There is a misunderstanding that the paper industry cuts down natural forests to manufacture paper; however, this industry plants and grows more trees and actively protects the environment more than any other industry.

Moorim has been at the forefront of sustainable forest management by being the first in the domestic paper industry to obtain the FSC®-CoC certification. With ‘low carbon product’ certifications, our products are recognized as eco-friendly products with the least amount of carbon emission.

We will lead the development of various eco-friendly paper products based on environmentally friendly production systems such as our pulp-paper integrated manufacturing plant that produces paper without using a drop of oil.

Moorim, a company that communicates with customers

Moorim always puts its customers first.

We will continuously communicate with our customers to become a more trusted company providing better value and convenience in addition to the highest quality products.

We hope that the Moorim website will become a meaningful communication tool between the Company and the customers, and we ask for your continuous support.