Pulp&Paper Innovation that
adds Values to our lives.

Infinite possibilities of pulp –
connecting to our vision of paper’s future
Low Carbon Paper that cares environment

Moorim makes paper with strong will to maintain our world green.
We manufacture pulp without fossil fuel and learned to utilize
the energy created in the process of paper-making.

Green Business Strategy

Moorim constructed eco-friendly management systems and conducts three environment policies with response for climate change, development and management of eco-friendly products, and operating eco-friendly systems. Moorim conducts eco-friendly policies in accordance with ‘Low carbon and Green growth’ policy of governments. Moorim will provide customers with accurate information with clear eco-friendly management.

Cope with climate change
  • Maximize management of greenhouse gas
  • Conduct reducing greenhouse gas
Eco-friendly products
  • Enlargement of eco-friendly products certification
  • Construct management system of eco-friendly substance
Eco-friendly system
  • Minimize environmental pollution
  • Construct system and culture
Green Management Policy
FSC® core labour requirements and statements

“Moorim implements a sustainable forest management that protects the forest.”

  • 1 Moorim gives due consideration to the rights and obligations established by national law, while at the same time fulfilling the objectives of the requirements.
  • 2Moorim does not use child labour.
  • 3Moorim eliminates all forms of forced and compulsory labour.
  • 4Moorim ensures that there is no discrimination in employment and occupation.
  • 5Moorim respects freedom of association and the effective right to collective bargaining.
FSC certification is an international certification system that certifies that all processes of the supply chain, including their production, distribution, and processing, are managed in an eco-friendly manner for sustainable forest management and forest protection. On April 20, 2022, Moorim, a company that had acquired the first FSC certification in the Korean paper industry in 2007,
has promised to comply with and implement the following principles in order to create a cleaner and healthier tomorrow
and grow together with society:


Cope with climate change
Construct management system of greenhouse gas and energy

Reduce greenhouse gas
  • Signed voluntary agreement in energy division two times in 2000 and 2005.
    Enrolled improvement project of PM#2 process as reducing greenhouse gas project in Korea.
    Reduce about 21,000ton CO2 a year
  • Reduce using energy and emitting greenhouse gas as substitute BC oil for LNG fuel
  • upply electricity and steam by black liquor (biomass)
    Produce steam and electricity in generator by combustion of enriched black liquor in recovery boiler.
    Pulp mill and paper mill use this steam and electricity.
    Spare about 186 billion won a year as energy cost (substitute for BC oil)
Signed ‘Green Partnership’s agreement with its partners for the first time in Korean printing paper industry in July 2010
Construct low carbon management systems and greenhouse gas inventory with partners, Win-win management as sharing coping with toxic substance
Carbon Labeling Certification

Gain ‘Carbon Footprint Labeling’ certificate first in gloss paper, Korea

Gain ‘Carbon Footprint Labeling’ certificate which allows certificate label
following estimating greenhouse production of overall manufacturing process.
We strive to development eco-friendly products

Certification status
Certificates Explanation Product
FSC® Moorim Paper, Moorim SP and Moorim P&P have all acquired FSC® - CoC(Forest Stewardship Council®- Chain of Custody), FSC® - FM(Forest Management) certifications. We are equipped with the system to produce more responsible forestry FSC® certified products.
  • FSC® - CoC
  • FSC® - C011933 : Moorim Paper
  • FSC® - C018374 : Moorim USA
  • FSC® - C015965 : Moorim SP
  • FSC® - C006970 : Moorim UK
  • FSC® - C018671 : Moorim P&P
  • FSC® - FM
  • FSC® - C161318 : Moorim P&P
All coated paper &
uncoated paper,
Inje plantation
KFCC·PEFC Moorim Paper, Moorim SP and Moorim P&P manufacture products using raw materials produced from sustainably maintained forests and recycled and managed raw materials. All coated paper,
uncoated paper
PREPS 15 major union publisher in the UK manage and distinguish into grades of forest resources and environmental DB related to the book industry. Moorim Paper and Moorim P&P is registered by PREPS. Art paper, uncoated paper,
board paper
Environment Marks Moorim Paper have received a environment marks certification
by the Korea Institute of Environmental Industry and Technology,
acknowledging their eco-friendliness.
ARTIZEN, Neo Star Uncoated Shopping Bag, Neo Star Art Shopping Bag, Neo Star Power Shopping Bag, Neo Star Green Release Base Paper(D1/S1)
Carbon Footprint Moorim Paper and Moorim SP have received a carbon footprint certification
by the Korea Institute of Environmental Industry and Technology,
acknowledging their eco-friendliness.
Neo Star Uncoated
Shopping Bag
Low Carbon Products In 2013, Moorim P&P acquired the first low-carbon product certification in
the domestic paper industry, contributing to reducing greenhouse
gases and preventing global warming.
Neo Star Gloss, Neo Star Matt, Neo Star Splus, Neo Star Premium Textbook Paper
Ok compost In March 2020, Moorim Paper and Moorim SP acquired the
Biodegradability certification (OK Compost)’ issued
Europe’s leading testing institute, TUV Austria.
Neoforêt CUP, Neoforêt STRAW, Neo Star Uncoated Shopping Bag, Neo Star Art Shopping Bag
Recyclability Certification(UL 2485/PTS) Moorim Paper and Moorim SP have passed both rigorous eco-friendly
tests by the U.S. (UL) and European Testing Institutes (PTS) to obtain the
recyclability certification. Unlike traditional PE coatings, Moorim’s is
environmentally friendly and safe.
Neoforêt CUP, Neoforêt STRAW, Neo Star Uncoated Shopping Bag, Neo Star Art Shopping Bag, Neo Star Green Release Base Paper(D1)
Moorim has expanded line of eco-friendly products such as NEO STAR GLOSS, NEO STAR UNCOATED PAPER, NEO STAR LABEL minimizing emission of pollutants
Moorim Paper acquired FSC-CoC Certification first in korea in 2007 and later, Moorim SP, Moorim P&P also acquired FSC-CoC Certification
Moorim was awarded by the Minister of Environment. Because line of art paper had been chosen as Green Product that reduces energy consumption and minimizes emission of pollutants
Eco-friendly system
  • Smokeless mill

    Moorim Paper
  • Equipment for preventing stink

    Moorim Paper
  • Equipment for recycling waste water

    Moorim SP
  • Equipment for collecting dust efficiently

    Moorim P&P
Management of atmosphere
  • Prevent air pollution by supplying steam through a cogeneration plant
  • Minimize air pollution by using LNG, clean fuel
  • Install and operate high efficiency equipment for collecting dust and advanced equipment for preventing air pollution
Management of atmosphere
Moorim Paper

Filter waste water before emitting and recycle waste water. Recycle finally treated water into process water

  • 1 st
    Physical and chemical treatment
  • 2 nd
    Microorganism treatment
  • 3 rd
    Physical and chemical treatment
Moorim SP

After third step purifications, recycle used water through Bag Filter

  • 1 st
    Physical and chemical precipitation method
  • 2 nd
    Standard activated sludgy method
  • 3 rd
    Sand Filter method
Moorim P&P

Recycle pulp sealing water which used in process, condensed water, and white water in dry process

  • 1 st
    Chemical and cohere treatment
  • 2 nd
    Microorganism treatment
  • 3 rd
    Chemical and cohere treatment
MOORIM continuously reduces fan noise in the production press, emission noises, and transformer noises allowing nearby factories tolerable by reducing and elimination stink resources.
The integrated mill minimizes noise by sound proofing. The Jinju mill, installation and operates an environment system which seals and collects stink in waste water treatment equipment and treat stink biologically.
Management of waste
Recycle sludgy things which are emitted in process as earthworm feed etc.
Minimize waste by improvement of process and introducing high efficient spin-dryer.
Research and development of substitute for raw material, toxic substance.