Pulp&Paper Innovation that
adds Values to our lives.

Infinite possibilities of pulp –
connecting to our vision of paper’s future
Korea’s largest integrated pulp and paper research institute

Various researches is being conducted to add greater value to everyday lives,
from procedures to manufacture better papers with advanced technology,
creating state-of-the-art materials. Moorim’s integrated pulp and paper research institute –
the very place where all possibilities of the paper industry are born,
from pulp to paper and new materials made from them.

Integrated Research Institute
  • Date of Establishment

    1986. 12

  • Research Institutes

    New Material Development Institute
    (located at Moorim P&P Ulsan Plant)

    Technology Support Research Institute
    (Located at Moorim Paper Jinju Plant)

  • Research fields

    Developments in manufacturing products with Process improvements in addition to Research in Union with scholarship projects

  • Laboratory

    Paper Analysis Lab
    Analysis of product and component with TGA, FE-SEM

    Paper Making Lab
    Research for new raw materials and process improvement

    Advanced Materials Lab
    Research and development of advanced materials obtained from the pulping process

    Pulp Lab
    Research for optimal pulp production

    Paper Test Lab
    Analysis of the paper properties and search for improvement in paper quality

    Paper Coating Lab
    Improving paper quality through analysis of coating color components and designs for mixing color

    Paper Printing Lab
    Testing for improving printability including ink setting measurement

  • 2020.02

    Manufacturing method for polymer composite materials containing cellulose

  • 2019.05

    Manufacturing method for oligo-saccharide and pulp

  • 2018.12

    Method of manufacturing a dissolving pulp

  • 2017.10

    Method for manufacturing non-fluorescence drawing paper and non-fluorescence drawing paper manufactured from the same

  • 2015.05

    The method of high purity lignin extraction from black liquor

  • 2015.03

    The method of fiberizing knots from pulp, the fiberized knots, and paper product using the same

  • 2015.01

    The method for preparing fi ller agglomerate having uniform particle distribution

  • 2014.10

    Paper with high dry strength containing hemicellulose and producing method thereof

  • 2013.02

    Pretreatment system of fi ller used in the papermaking process

  • 2008.12

    Method for manufacturing security paper improved printability

  • 2007.04

    Polaris paper and manufacturing method

  • 2007.01

    Voting paper and manufacturing method for improving of seal-ink application quality and an auto voting quality

  • 2001.12

    Enzyme application method to save energy during paper manufacturing process

  • 2000.09

    Recycling method of waste paper using exclusive ferment for flotation deinking

  • 1999.11

    Recycling method of waste paper using Modified Cellulase