Pulp&Paper Innovation that
adds Values to our lives.

Infinite possibilities of pulp –
connecting to our vision of paper’s future
60 Years of Making Quality Paper,
A New Future of Paper that We Pioneer

Moorim’s 60 years of history since its incorporation in 1956 is a proud history achieved by hard work and wisdom of all Moorim staffs.
Let us introduce the course of Moorim’s challenges and innovations that achieved numerous ‘first’ titles and won through the tides of change.

Pulp&Paper Manufacturing Technology
that Adds Value to our lives, Moorim!

Moorim, the company that opened the era of ‘Made in Korea’ quality paper and has been a leader in the domestic pulp and paper industry,
has been continuously creating new values of paper. Now we will develop eco-friendly materials and add greater value to life.



Pulp & Paper
Manufacturing Technology
that Adds Value to Life
Moorim adds value to
our everyday life by constantly
developing eco-friendly products
with our finest technology in
pulp and paper manufacturing.


Infinite Possibilities
of Pulp, and the Future of
Paper with Moorim!

Our vision serves
as the explorer of value-adding
utilization of pulp and develops
them into market- oriented


Core Value

‘Righteous Ambition’
Righteous Basic values

Follow the principles
Do the right thing
Respect one another

Ambitious Target value

Never be afraid of failure
Cooperate with colleagues to achieve mutual goals
Always strive for better future