Pulp&Paper Innovation that
adds Values to our lives.

Infinite possibilities of pulp –
connecting to our vision of paper’s future
Vision to make the world brighter with good paper

We will not become the leading corporation that smiles alone,
but will help build a better world for everyone.
Adding greater value to life with pulp and paper technologies is not just about giving help;
it is Moorim’s will to plant the seeds of opportunities and happiness.

Good Paper

Moorim's paper becomes a seed that grows into happiness. Moorim continues to support <Big Issue Korea>, a social magazine that aids housing for vulnerable groups, provides paper for children's art therapy, and produces Braille music scores for the visually impaired. These social paper activities are valuable projects that inspire new hope through the power of paper

  • Partnership with a social magazine, <Big Issue Korea>

    Since 2011, Moorim has partnered with <Big Issue> and conducted various activities such as 'Sharing Flash Mobs' involving new employees and the 'Christmas Special Cover/Postcard Contest'.

  • Paper Sponsorship for the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA)

    In November 2021, we signed a memorandum of understanding with the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) to promote the development of domestic culture and arts. We are currently supporting the production of paper for renowned artists' retrospectives such as the painter Park Soo-keun's exhibition catalogs

  • Supporting emerging writers by sponsoring paper publishing

    We support the dreams and hopes of emerging artists by providing high-quality paper for their publications, enabling their breaths and stories to be fully captured within the pages of books.

무림페이퍼 종이로 만든 착한 책
문화예술을 위한 종이 후원
Love Sharing

Moorim's effort to expand the culture of true sharing continues. We will lead the way in bringing warmth to our society, not just through simple donations, but by actively participating in various activities.

As part of the 'Moorim Love Sharers' initiative, executives and employees of Moorim have been delivering love to needy neighbors and disadvantaged groups through participatory volunteer activities such as distributing rice, making kimchi, and engaging in contact-free home volunteering with families."

  • 'Moorim Love Sharers’ Activities

    The 'Moorim Love Sharers' program spreads love to those in need and marginalized communities through activities such as delivering rice to local residents near each business location, making kimchi, and even engaging in contactless volunteering at home."

  • Environment Protection Activities

    Moorim is an environmentally conscious company prioritizing eco-friendly practices, not only producing various eco-friendly paper products but also actively engaging in environmental protection activities such as cleaning up the river near the mills with the participation of our employees.

Cooperative Development

Moorim fulfills its role and responsibilities as a corporate citizen. Particularly, it strives to contribute to the advancement of the pulp and paper industry by establishing the first specialized department in a university domestically, focusing on cultivating professionals.

Moreover, it supports the creative activities of local artists and fosters genuine partnerships between the corporate and cultural sectors through consistent patronage activities. Working towards a valuable future where everyone grows together, that's why Moorim engages in philanthropic activities.

  • Future Talent Cultivation

    Through an agreement with Gyeongsang National University, Moorim has established the first specialized department in Korea for pulp and paper chemistry engineering (the 'P&P Chemical Engineering Major),' aiming to support the development of specialized professionals.

    Additionally, we offer practical training opportunities for graduating students to enhance their job-related skills in a hands-on environment.

  • Moorim Paper’s Paper Air Plane Competition

    Since 2017, Moorim has been hosting the only official paper airplane competition in Korea where families can participate and enjoy together. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Moorim successfully adapted by introducing the first-ever 'online-offline' hybrid format and received a great response.

  • Patronage Association Support

    Since 2008, Moorim has been partnering with local artistic organizations through the Gyeongnam Mecenat Association to support the creative activities of cultural artists. Moorim is fostering growth and development through partnerships between businesses and cultural organizations.