Pulp&Paper Innovation that
adds Values to our lives.

Infinite possibilities of pulp –
connecting to our vision of paper’s future
Vision to make the world brighter with good paper

We will not become the leading corporation that smile alone,
but will help build a better world for everyone.
Adding greater value to life with pulp and paper technologies is not just about giving help;
it is Moorim’s will to plant the seeds of opportunities and happiness.

Good Paper

Moorim’s paper becomes a seed and grows into happiness.
Moorim continues to support papers to <Big Issue Korea>, a social magazine which helps housing of vulnerable groups, drawing papers for children’s art psychotherapy, and Braille music scores for the visually impaired. Social paper activities like these are valuable projects which cheers for new hope through paper.

Sharing Love

Moorim’s effort to expand the true sharing culture continues.
We will take the lead to infuse warmth into our society not through simple donations, but by participating in activities.

Moorim Love Sharers,’ executives and employees of Moorim, have been delivering love to needy neighbors and disadvantaged groups through participatory volunteer activities, such as delivering rice, making kimchi, and performing contact-free home volunteer with families.

Mutual Growth

Moorim has been fulfilling the roles and responsibilities as a corporate citizen.

To contribute to the development of the pulp and paper industry, Moorim opened Korea’s first professional university department to nurture professional human resources, and continuously sponsor recreation activities of regional cultural artists, leading to mutual growth of corporations and cultural entities through genuine partnerships.

Growing together towards a valuable future –is the primary reason why Moorim continues to perform sharing activities.

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