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Moorim P&P Ulsan Plant Digital Experience Center

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The First and The Only Pulp & Paper Integrated Mill in Korea

The integrated mill of Moorim P&P has been completed a vertically-integrated system starting from plantation
to pulp and paper. The company owns the system solely among domestic papermaking companies.

Moorim P&P Integration Mill saves the Earth

Moorim has dramatically reduced the levels of environmentally harmful substances
and greenhouse gases generated in producing paper through its integrated mill.
Moorim creates a healthier environment through our better paper.

  • By using black liquor,
    greenhouse gases will be reduced
    by 900,000 tons per year.

  • By using black liquor,
    there will be no need to discharge
    the amount of carbon dioxide
    that would be emitted by 11,000,000 cows.

    * Yearly greenhouse gas emission by 1 cow - 80.3kg
  • By using black liquor,
    the amount of greenhouse gas
    will be reduced by as much as
    136,000,000 pine trees can absorb.

  • By using black liquor,
    ₩207 billion ($184 million)
    will be saved in replacement of LNG.

    * Standard : cost of LNG usage in Ulsan, S. Korea - ₩18.8951/MJ
  • By using black liquor,
    11,000TJ of energy consumption
    will be saved yearly.

  • With the energy saved from using
    black liquor, you would be able to
    cross Siberia by car 500,000 times.

    * The distance of Trans-Siberian Railway - 9,288.2km (Auto fuel economy - 12.4km/L)