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Power Equipment Process

Evaporation process Preparing concentrated black liquor, this has a more than 70% of solid component concentration and can be used for combustion in the recoveryboiler, by evaporating the weak black liquor, which has a 15-20% of solid component concentration.


Recovery Boiler part of kraft process of pulping where chemicals for white liquir are recovered and refomed from black liquor. in the process lignin of the wood, bound in black liquor at this phase, is burned and heat generated. The heat is usually used in the process or in making electricity, much as in a conventional steam power plant.


Turbine generator process Mechanical device that wxtracts thermal energy from pressurized steam, and converts it into electricity and steam for the pilp manfacturing process.


Lime Kiln process Kilin used to produce quicktime by the calcination of limesone (calcium carbonate)


Recausizing process Completes the chemical recovery cycle converting green liquor to white liquor. In this process most of the Na2CO3 in the green liquor is turned back into NaOH in white liquor, whitch can then be used for cooking liquor.


Waste water treatment process Removing contaminants from wastewater and household sewage, both runoff(effluents) and domestic. About 80,000 tons of waste water can be treated per day.

Combined heat and power generation and retrieval of chemical substances

Two recovery boilers and turbines supply 100% of the required power and steam. And the recovered chemicals are recycled to the cooking process.

Division 1st Mill 2nd Mill
Evaporation 187 T/H 270 T/H
Causticization 1,750 m2/D 2,750 m2/D
Lime Kiln process 170 T/D 270 T/D
Recovery Boiler 135 T/H 186 T/H
Generator 14,430 KW 22,700 KW