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Eco-friendly plastic made from nature-oriented ingredient
Bio Plastic, CellRimⓇ

Moorim produces eco-friendly plastic products by utilizing nature-oriented ingredients
such as wood particles and pulp flakes, which are generated during the pulp production process.


Compostable and eco-friendly plastic, utilizing plant ingredients such as Wood particles(WP) and pulp(cellulose)

Wood Particle(WP)
  • The product is manufactured by grinding the by-product of wood chips, obtained in the process of producing pulp, which is the primary material for paper. It is a versatile product that allows for extrusion, injection molding, and vacuum forming.
  • Moorim is the only domestic pulp manufacturer so that the final product price is more affordable, ensuring smooth domestic supply.
Pulp Flake
  • The product is manufactured by processing wood chips, the raw material for paper, through a delignification process to remove lignin. After obtaining pure cellulose fibers, known as market pulp, through crushing and classification, the product is produced in powder and fiber forms.
  • It is a product suitable for reinforcement in processes such as extrusion, injection molding, and blow molding. Through species management, it minimizes variations, ensuring consistent color and particle size, and facilitating a stable supply.
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