Pulp&Paper Innovation that
adds Values to our lives.

Infinite possibilities of pulp –
connecting to our vision of paper’s future
Pulp is a new possibility.

The pulp manufactured in Moorim P&P’s integrated mill has
ample utilization value as raw materials for new materials in addition to paper production.
Pulp is actively being researched and developed to provide the possibility of replacing components
that were made up of chemicals.

Microcrystalline cellulose (MCC)
  • The highest quality broad-leafed tree bleached chemical pulp with fresh fiber is manufactured in Korea’s only pulp mill.
  • Moorim P&P’s pulp is a broad-leaved tree pulp where acacia is blended to oaks. Its short fiber length produces pulps with good formation, smoothness, and bulk.
Pulp Powder
  • Powder obtained by pulp, has better ability to express colors and better strengths
    than ‘wood powders’ which is from ground wood or sawdust.

  • utilize Construction materials, including bricks, insulators, and CRC boards; eco-friendly replacement when processing plastics or synthetic leather
Cellulose Nano Fiber (CNF)
  • Nano cellulose fibers with width or length of less than 100nm
  • Has wide application fields due to recyclability, biodegradability, biocompatibility, hydrophilicity, and conservatism.

  • utilize Packaging for moisturizing cosmetics, films, food, and medicines