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Korea’s only low carbon broad-leaved tree bleached chemical pulp
Bleached Kraft Pulp
Bleached Chemical Pulp

The highest quality broad-leaved tree bleached chemical pulp with fresh fiber is manufactured in Korea’s only pulp mill.
Moorim P&P’s pulp is a broad-leaved tree pulp where acacia is blended to oaks. Its short fiber length produces pulps with good formation, smoothness, and bulk.

  • Tree type Mixed H.W(Oak, Acacia, Others)
  • Weight per Bale (Kg) 250
  • Bale size (W×D×H, mm) 860*686*440
  • Impurities (mm2/m2) 2.0 Under
  • Whiteness (%) 89.0 Over
  • Capacity 450,000 tons/year